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Why the name 'Floriopolis'?

Once upon a time, when the railroad
was going to come to St. Andrews, the
powers that be tossed around the
idea of naming this area "Floriopolis",
describing it as a Florida metropolis of
commerce and prosperity.

The railroad didn't come. The name
"St. Andrews" was chosen.

"Floriopolis" seemed a fitting name for
the community arts center- fun to say,
makes you wonder, historical
significance- and so it is.

Floriopolis- St. Andrews arts & culture
1125 Beck Avenue
in Historic St. Andrews
Panama City, Fl 32401
Whose generosity brought Floriopolis from idea to reality?

These people are the risk takers.  They are the Floriopolis “Canopy”.  Without their contribution of $500 or more, this community arts
center wouldn’t exist.

Jennifer Jones, Crook & Victoria Stewart, Patricia Syfrett, Sussex Bay Foundation, Phyllis Chaffin, Pam Kennon, Dave & Joan Wallis
Burnett, Jackie Sullivan, Katherine Voorhis, St. Andrews Civic Club, White Dwarf Studio, Lois & Bill Carter, Gulf Coast Women's Club
Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Northstar Church, Rhonda Dickinson

Unending thanks go out to Peter Michael Bardach (Sussex Bay Foundation) for his guidance & encouragement.

But wait! There's more!
Check back soon to see all our Placemakers and volunteers, and donators, and contributors.  
We're double checking the list so we don't miss anyone- it's growing so quickly.
Floriopolis, St Andrews Arts & Culture Metropolis
1125 Beck Avenue, in Historic St. Andrews
Panama City, Fl 32401
850-249-9295 floriopolisarts@gmail.com
We filed for our 501c3 tax exempt status!  Hooray! Now we're waiting for the IRS.  
Our status will be retroactive and we'll get you our number as soon as we get it.
Floriopolis is a nonprofit community arts & culture center dedicated
to postively impacting St. Andrews through the arts.
Art amplifies. Enjoy. Create. Thrive.  In St. Andrews.
Art amplifies. Enjoy. Create. Thrive.  In St. Andrews.
Tues                    10am-8pm
Wed/Thur/Fri       12pm-6pm
Sat                       10am-8pm