Science and Discovery Center
2011, 2012
Chautauqua Bus
Heather Parker
contemporary artist
Summer 2008
Soocer and Golf
Nativity Chair
Jennifer Jones
For Gaby
Historic Train Station
Mr. Hansel's Rocket
Snowy Scene for
Bay County
Historical Society,
Mr. Moore
Shed Rehab for
Jr. Museum,
collaborative work
by Panama City
Artists Association
all images and content copyright heather parker 2013
heather parker PO Box 93 Panama City Florida 32402
Can I paint a swamp mural in 6 days? Yes I can!
I do art for other people.
murals, portraits, custom paintings & drawings, signs         
buses, cars rockets         and more

Stop by any
Art Tuesday! or schedule an appointment for a commission consult
Swamp Mural for Ms. Mary Lundy in Howard Creek.  March 2013.
8' x 12', concrete board attached to wooden fence
Signs signs signs                     it takes a special person to hand-paint a sign
Large painting for Rising Leaders Academy        Summer 2012
Murals on Chautauqua campus
I do art for other people.
I like public art
Blog, kind of