Can I paint this mural in 6 days? Yes I can!     See all 6 photos    Howard Creek, Florida, Spring 2013

I love markers so much, I decorated the   
Free Box at CityArts Cooperative.

sharpie marker on free paper  

In June 2012, I drew Daela in a flower
garden.  I gave it to her mom as a gift.  
I love it and I think she does, too. :o)

Acrylic paint on gessoed wood, 2'x2'
all images and content copyright heather parker 2013
heather parker PO Box 93 Panama City Florida 32402
Heather Parker
contemporary artist

Insects of my childhood, on exhibit at
CityArts in the PCA Members show,
through the end of April 2013.

acrylic on wood, 2013
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I created Public Art in Panama City.
Join the group to plan public art events.

More info
I like public art

Sunflower Mural at Girls, Inc     See all the photos

1 assemblage and 1 painting for Michael Lister's new book, The Big Beyond

Don't underestimate the power of scissors

Monkeys Downtown is Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10am to 3pm
Stroll downtown to see the monkeys.
this is my blog, kinda sorta

Sleepy jaguar in a tree mural in a little girl's room. See all the photos.

I drew a plant that moved with every ray of       
sunlight.  By the end, nothing was in the            
same place as when I started.

Floriopolis is growing from idea to reality.  
Coming Soon!

Floriopolis, St. Andrews Arts & Culture Metropolis


My piece for "Dog Days" on exhibit at CityArts Cooperative.  See more photos.
Blog, kind of